ING Corporate PKI & ING I-Dentity Card


On this site you can find a short description about Public Key Infrastructure and the services the ING PKI Service Centre offers.

Important Support Notice

In case of any problem with the application, end users of ING PKI (eg holders of the ING I-Dentity Card) should always contact the ING Business Support Desk as described in the users manual.

Only in case of theft of your ING I-Dentity Card, losing your card or a strong suspicion of fraud with your certificate, you can contact the

24/7 Suspension Service at +31.88.464.2224.


Recently ING published renewed Policies and Terms & Conditions on its Corporate PKI.

Background of the renewed policies is the adaptation of the ETSI 102.042 standard within the ING Corporate PKI. More information on ETSI can be found on

All end-users (including users of the ING I-Denity Card) are requested to take notice of the renewed Policies and Terms & Conditions, which can be found at the legal page.  

"ING PKI Service Center" and "ING Corporate PKI" are registered trade names of ING Bank N.V. with its registered office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Trade Register no. 33031431, Chamber of Commerce Amsterdam, the Netherlands

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